Poster Contest

This poster contest is being carried out among students of the Design Division at the Prefectural Industrial High School of Arita. The original picture winning the First Prize will become the poster of the Arita International Ceramics Competition.

Poster of the 114th Arita International Ceramics Competition



Best Work  本田 琴乃 Kotono Honda (Original Poster)



 Runner Up Awards

 山下 玲奈 Rena Yamashita



近藤 大喜 Daiki Kondō



三城 美保 Miho Mitsushiro



The above 3 students were selected for the runner up awards.


 General Evaluation by the Examiners

January 13th 2017

General Evaluation by the Examiners of the Arita International Ceramics Competition Poster Contest

Porcelain Division of the Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory – Traditional Ceramics Division

Design Section: Yoshitaka Eguchi


This year, the name of the exhibition changed from Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramics Competition to Arita International Ceramics Competition and with it, the selection process did change as well. The Keywords of this year’s competition were “Exhibition of works by the general public in Arita”, “Nippon”, and “The World” and 15-16 year old students of the Design Division at the Industrial High School of Arita produced poster works in which they expressed this newness of the competition. The following is the result of the examination.

At this year’s examination, works of extremely high quality in terms of the picture’s composition, its colors, its pattern configuration and its general balance ranked high.

Out of these works, the composition expressing a new sensibility through its lemon colored background on which the images of clouds used in Japanese-style painting were expressed on white parallelograms received the examiner’s high evaluation. Bluish patterns were put on these white parallelograms and in order to insert characters, in the middle of the work the color was taken into the form of an octagon.

Further, the runner up award winning work of Daiki Kondo that has a simple expression in terms of its illustration, received a high evaluation. But if the connection of the blue curve lines and the configuration was considered more carefully, the work could have been better.

Also concerning those works that did not win an award, there were many works that would have had enough capability to win an award, if the number of colors and the composition of the space would be reexamined.


第114回審査員 No. 114 Examiners

■有田陶交会 会長 田中 亮太

■Chairman of Arita Tōkōkai Ryōta Tanaka


■器とデザイン 主催 宮﨑 雄太

■Utsuwa to Design Host Yūta Miyazaki


■佐賀県窯業技術センター陶磁器部デザイン担当 江口 佳孝

■Porcelain Division of the Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory – Traditional Ceramics Division, Design Section: Yoshitaka Eguchi


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