Introduction of the Winning Works

Examination results of the 115th Arita International Ceramics Competition

Regarding the examination results of this year

The first prize at the Art Craft and Objects Division was given for the work of Mr. Ishihara, receiving the first prize for the second time after winning it 9 years ago. His work has a strong impact which from its concept differs completely from the winning work which received the first prize at the 106th competition. It attracted the attention of the judges from the moment they were entering the examination venue. It is a work which has been completed after repeating the process of putting an overglaze painting on it and firing it for seven times.

The first prize at the Industrial Ceramic Arts Division was given to a work of Mr. Fukuda who came back to Arita 5 years ago. He graduated from the Design Division at the Prefectural Industrial High School of Arita. He received guidance from various elder potters around him for 5 years and while producing on a trial and error base, he continued to produce porcelain.

We applaud the glory of both winners.


Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and further winning works (Art Crafts and Objects Division)


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Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and further winning works (Industrial Ceramic Arts Division)


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