​​​118th (2022) Arita International Ceramics Competition ー We are calling for submission of entry works

This year the Arita International Ceramics Competition will be held for the 118th time. With Arita Porcelain marking its 400th anniversary since the start of the industry, the name of the competition was changed from [Kyushu-Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition] to [Arita International Ceramics Competition] and since then, in addition to other domestic ceramics producing areas, pieces of art from abroad began to gather making this a competition for pieces of art of even higher quality. In its history that stretches for more than 100 years, this ceramics competition has become the gateway to success for many ceramic artists such as Important Intangible Cultural Properties (Living National Treasures) or members of the Japan Art Academy and it thrives to become an even better ceramics competition. As a ceramics competition involved in the ceramic culture and industry, we are looking for pieces of art with high ambitions.

The submission of the pieces of art begins from the end of March and the exhibition will take place during Golden Week. Similar to the practice of last year, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it is not possible to submit entries from outside of Japan this year as well. We ask for everyone`s understanding and look forward to the submissions from many artists.

Application for entries

Conditions for application:Please refer to the application guidelines.

Check the application guidelines here.

Application:Please download the application form and send it via E-Mail or use the application form below.

You can find the application form for the Art Craft and Objects Division here (in Japanese)

and the application form for the Industrial Ceramic Arts Division ⇒ here (in Japanese).

DivisionsThe Competition is divided into two divisions, the Art Crafts and Objects Division and the Industrial Ceramic Arts Division.

Prizes:The prizes awarded are the Governor of Saga Prefecture Award and many others.

Host:Saga Prefecture Arita Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Authorization:Arita Porcelain Oroshi Danchi Arita Sera Association, Saga Prefecture Ceramic Art Association, Saga Prefecture Ceramic Commerce Association, Saga Prefecture Ceramic Manufacturers Cooperative , Hizen Maruhi Association


Art Crafts and Objects Division ➡ The Kyūshū Ceramic Arts Museum

Industrial Ceramic Arts Division ➡ Saga Prefecture Ceramic Manufacturers Cooperative


Arita International Ceramics Competition Organizer (Arita Town Hall Commerce, Industry & Tourism Division)  Tel:0955-46-2500