Industrial Ceramic Arts Division Application Form

117th (2021) Arita International Ceramics Competition – Industrial Ceramic Arts Division – Competition Registration Form

This is the competition registration form for the Industrial Ceramic Arts Division of the 117th Arita International Ceramics Competition. 

After filling out the below registration form, please click the “send”-button.

In order to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, entries from abroad are not allowed to participate in the competition.

Furthermore, from this year on, only the original piece will be sold. If there are more than two requests for the same piece, the submitter will be introduced to the buyer(s) of additional pieces only if the submitter wishes so.

If there are multiple works that you would like to exhibit, please fill out the below registration form again and also click the “send”-button again. 

Name of the applicant (Reading)

※If you are from a country using Chinese characters, please write the pronunciation in pinyin.

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※If this field is left blank, information will only be published until the name of the city, ward, town or village.

Agreement of Guidelines *
 I hereby state that I understand and accept all of the entry conditions. 

※This is to confirm that you agree with the guidelines after you have checked the content of the guidelines. Those who want to exhibit their works definitely need to check this agreement.

Name of the holder of the design rights (Reading)

※In case the applicant does not hold the design rights, please confirm the application with the holder of the design rights prior to the input.

Name of the holder of the design rights

Address of the holder of the design rights

Date of birth of the holder of design rights

Location of citizenship *
 Japanese  Non―Japanese 

※The above question is to confirm if your work becomes object to win the International Relations Association of the Porcelain City of Arita Prize. Please choose design rights holder`s location of citizenship.

Name of your financial institution.

※This information is in order to use for transferring the prize money and the sales proceeds.

Branch name of your financial institution

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Branch code

Account No.

Account holder (Reading)

※Please do not make any mistakes in spelling, since this information is necessary in order to transfer money.

Account holder *

※Please do not make any mistakes in spelling, since this information is necessary in order to transfer money.

Number of competition entries *

※Not the number of parts one piece of art consists of but the number of entries from the same person.

【Entry Information】Please put in the content of the work you would like to exhibit. Furigana of the competition entry’s title

Title of the competition entry *

Number of pieces your entry work consists of *

※The max. number of parts one piece may consist of is 6.In case the lid, teacup, saucer and such are accepted as one piece, it is possible to treat these as one piece of work, however, the price for all pieces together will then be summed up as one set.

Content of composition

※Please put in the kinds of goods that composes the entry work, its characteristics, colors and the minimal retail price (tax included). However, please make sure that the height, width and depth do not exceed 80 cm each at the exhibition.

Circulation starting period *

※Please put in either „unpublished“ or the year the competition entry started to get sold.

Sales method *
 selling separately possible  

※Please choose whether it is also possible to sell the pieces separately.

Please circle the information you wish to have published for additional orders.
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※This is the information that will be shown to potential buyers of additional pieces.

Work delivery method *
 Self  Shipping(prepayment) 

Explanation of your work *

※Roughly in about 100 characters. Please put in the concept towards your work. It will be displayed during the examination. Their might be changes in case the amount of text is too much.

Work removal method *
 Removed by self  Shipped  Return not necessary 

※In case of removal to overseas, payment by the applicant is required in advance.

Please let us know your wishes and demands regarding this ceramic exhibition.

※This will not affect the examination. Please also let us know your impressions, etc.