Poster of the 115th Arita International Ceramics Competition

Poster of the 115th Arita International Ceramics Competition– Award Winners


Best Work(最優秀賞) Itsuki Shimizu(志水 樹 さん)


The characteristic of this work is that patterns that differ from each other are drawn on the same trapezoid.

These patterns are geometric patterns from way back that I have arranged by myself. They do express the attempt to study the past in order to learn for the future.

Also, by changing the patterns one-by-one, they do express individuality. This poster is able to give the excitement of finding one’s favorite pattern to its viewers.

I made the part of the characters semitransparent to emphasize them.

Did you find your favorite pattern?


 Runner Up Awards(優秀賞)

Haruka Shība(椎葉 晴香さん) 


For drawing this work, I thought and researched about the theme.

”Tradition” – by drawing the widening rings in the top left corner, I have expressed that the thoughts of Eizaemon Fukagawa and others that wanted to produce porcelain earnestly are still alive and breathing nowadays.

“Evolution” – new encounters and discoveries shall be born at the ceramics competition. I have daubed the paints all over and changed the color into one looking close to watercolor. Between this watercolor, encounters and discoveries are being born by the colors of orange and yellow.

“Leap” – I drew yellow lines showing the motion of jumping highly. This changed the length making it look as if the picture content was moving.

By making use of modern colors, I was drawing in a way that lets our generation which is taking over, catching attention.


Akane Noda(野田 あかね さん)


The overall image of the picture is space. The reason why I chose space is that it is extremely wide and full of mysteries and because there are many new discoveries, I was wishing there are also many new discoveries about porcelain, so I decided to choose space.

Further, porcelain is a solid body and therefore, I sprinkled it. I drew an image that many diagonal lines representing the new ideas are entangling with the solid bodies representing porcelain.

As for the colour scheme, I tried to make it look futuristic.


Hinako Matsuo(松尾 日菜子 さん)


I was not bound to the former patterns of porcelain and drew a pattern that I thought by myself. I drew a pattern in the inside of the plate which is similar to the pattern drawn with thick lines and created a modern style image.

Wholly seen, I used warm colors which are soft but clear.


General Evaluation by the Examiners(審査員総評 )

Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory(佐賀県窯業技術センター)

Design Section: Yoshitaka Eguchi(事業デザイン課:江口 佳孝)

The composition of the winning works at the examination this time had simple forms and simple colors which were setting themselves apart. Through the production process, the efforts of only using the necessary factors to be left on the work refraining from using the unnecessary ones were guessed. The cleanliness and the refreshment can be felt from the group of works.

The students also made use of the techniques they have learned during school lessons and attempted to make an expression along the theme of the contest which can be picked up at all places within their picture on many works.

The theme of the contest being “Tradition” – “Leap” – “Evolution” has 3 factors and there were works which have integrated one of these factors and others that have integrated all factors. Therefore, there is still a problem left that the theme itself is being presented weakly.

When producing the works, the students were busy with expressing a work with regards to the theme. From now on, it is therefore important to bear in mind making attempts to attract a large number of people and to notify that the exhibition will be held, which is originally the big role that a poster plays.


No. 115. Poster Contest Examiners(第115回 ポスターコンクール審査員)

Ceramic Industry Arita Tōkōkai Yūsuke Fukuda (Fukujū Tōen)

窯業関係 有田陶交会 福田雄介 (福珠陶苑)

Specialist – ALTIA CO., LTD. Photographer/Graphic Artist Yoshihiro Ishibashi

専門家 株式会社アルティア カメラマン・グラフィッカー 石橋 佳央

Organizer – Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory Porcelain Division Design Section: Yoshitaka Eguchi

事務局関係 佐賀県窯業技術センター 陶磁器部デザイン担当 江口 佳孝


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