Poster of the 116th Arita International Ceramics Competition

Poster of the 116th Arita International Ceramics Competition – Award Winners

Winner of the highest award of excellence

Yuuka Kurokawa(黒川 優華さん

01黒川 優華さん 2019有田国際陶磁展ポスター案

“Connected to the future, spreading out” expressing the past, present and future with many different straight lines.” Cutting all the straight lines at an angle of around 45 degrees, I tried to make it look moving more energetic. By creating a visible depth by giving it a three-dimensional optic, I expressed the worldview of ceramics.
As for the color scheme, I gave it a calm, retro image.
I depicted the softness of ceramics by switching the colors of the straight lines and by choosing “white” as the underlying tone for the future, it becomes a work that included the meaning of future growth that can not be seen in the color based on "white".

Winners of the award of excellence 

Ayano Ogahara(尾賀原 綾乃さん)

02尾賀原 彩乃さん

The theme was “spreading out”, I imagined the feeling of Japan spreading to the world from the frame (Japan).
Also, by using patterns popular on porcelain designs, I added an air of ceramics spirit to it.
I used typical Japanese colors for the background and I made the “Hi no Maru”(japanese flag) stand out.

Hitomi Kanagae(金ヶ江 ひとみさん)

03金ヶ江 ひとみさん

When I heard this year`s theme “spreading out”, I immediately thought of a river. The reason for that is because rivers get together and before long become a sea. I think that there are similarities with ceramics because after a long time ceramics might go back to clay just as the sea might go back to being rivers after they became a sea once.

Sakiha Miyazoe(宮副 咲葉さん)

04宮副 咲葉さん

The Arita International ceramics competition is held in May which is the month of the Koi-Nobori event. 
Thinking about that,I devised to connect the key points of ceramics and Koi-Nobori so both would become visible inside the design.
I drew this hoping that just like the Koi-Nobori, ceramics will reach the heart of anybody who looks at it.

General Evaluation by the Examiners

Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory(佐賀県窯業技術センター)

Design Section: Yoshitaka Eguchi(事業デザイン課:江口 佳孝)

With “spreading out” as this year`s theme, all the students made great efforts creating posters based on their own concepts. 
A lot of the designs showed pure and fresh features giving them that Many of the designs showed pure and fresh features like the first year high school students.
While holding the meetings for the selection, we talked a lot about the designs that unfortunately had to be left out for selection and awarding but in generally we shared the same impressions when choosing the winners.
There were a lot of compositions that either had a too strong contrast in colors or were too quiet. Also, some designs did not show enough characteristics in terms of the contests topic of “spreading out”. We felt that more consideration should have been paid to this at an earlier stage of the modelling process.
In addition, in many one could tell that the designer spent so much time on the process of planning that in the end the finishing touches to the painting itself were insufficient and the design would therefore fail to get chosen. 
In our opinion,Among them, prize-winning works were considered well, such as contrasting colors with the composition, themes, concepts, polite works with harmony, and so on.

No. 116. Poster Contest Jury members

Bunichirou Morita (森田 文一郎)
Arita Ceramic Association (Limited company Bunshou Kiln 有限会社文翔窯)

Keiko Hara(Fields 原 恵子)

Yoshitaka Eguchi(江口 佳孝)
Organizer – Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory Porcelain Division Design Section
事務局関係 佐賀県窯業技術センター 陶磁器部デザイン担当



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