117th Art Crafts and Objects Division - Winning Works

The works of the Art Crafts and Objects Division will be on display at the Kyushu Ceramic Museum from April 29th to May 9th

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award

Hakujihachi (Seigo Nakamura), Saga Prefecture

I aimed for a shape in which the expanding outlines caused by the centrifugal force of the potter`s wheel would bundle the center lines. Just as if the exoskeleton covers the inside.

2nd Place – Governor of Saga Prefecture Award

Ryokuseisenmonhenko (Yodomu Yamaguchi), Nagasaki Prefecture

I would like to continue sending a signal full of brilliance and beauty so that the charming visual message would securely be delivered to the person watching.

 3rd Place – Mayor of Arita Town Award

Shoui (Ichiyou Sawada), Kumamoto Prefecture

I feel disturbing trends in the natural disasters that occur every year as well as in politics. It feels like living in heavy air and I have trouble breathing. I sensitively feel that there are little joys amid this and I wondered whether I couldn`t make use of those, so I produced with the imagination that a beautiful and kind woman would bring us good things.

Saga Ceramic Art Association Award

Yuusui (Sou Uragou), Saga Prefecture

I used hard-paste clay and shaped at the potter`s wheel.

I expressed water that flows through spring`s rich nature.

Asahi Shinbun Award

Hiirokaki (Atsuyuki Ueda), Yamaguchi Prefecture

I wanted to express the feeling of the material earth and therefore mixed in plenty of quartz sand when molding. Also, I left the expression of the surface in a rough state.

Regarding the shape of the vessel, I molded it hoping that depending on the point of view it would look like a range of mountains or swell of waves.

Kumamoto Broadcasting Award

Yukikaze (Rokuhei), Saga Prefecture

I am from Niigata Prefecture so I recalled the time I lived there and produced this porcelain aiming to express the scenery of snow dancing in the wind.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saga Prefecture Award

Yuuzouganhachi (Jun Nakao), Saga Prefecture

I produced this piece, using the inlaying over glaze deriving from the enamel of white porcelain. I expressed more three-dimensionality and depth by putting carves in the bowl and inlaying those with enamel.

I inlayed matt types as well as polished types of enamel so the expression of the piece of art changes depending on the angle it is watched from and the lighting conditions.

Saga Shinbun Award

Moegiseijiyuubachi (Seiji Takamori), Saga Prefecture

Saga Television Award

Sousaishatou (Masahiro Yamamoto), Shiga Prefecture

Shaped by hand, ceramic glazed and fired by deoxidization.

In the recent productions, I am determined to treasure the development from the former piece of art as well as the prospect hereafter.

Tōgyōjihō Award

Youhenkeisabitsukihatsujoutai Kodainokoi (Genpei), Kyoto-fu

A battle of earth and flames. Even if we try to predict and control the coincidences of change in mechanical kilns, it does not befall the inexpert discernment by a lot.

Soft earth changes its shape during the process of drying and firing and when it becomes plastic the elasticity of the spring is already destroyed by the fire, the spiral spring slants and sintering occurs just before the collapse. What can be heard from inside the spiral?

Nishinippon Shinbun Award

Kakiotoshikanshakuyakumonkaki (Kiku Inoue), Fukuoka Prefecture

I used the [scratching off method], took care of each and every line and produced with the aspiration of creating a distinct memory.

I expressed the eternity of the “limits of beauty” of flowers.

Nikkan Kōgyō Shinbun Award

Houun (Masashi Miyajima), Tokyo-to

A handful of earth embraces the thoughts in the hand.

The repetition of the act of piling up earth becomes the shape of the thought.

The components of the pattern select and extract the shape of the thought.

Spinning the earth, undergoing the purification of fire, I turned it into pottery.

Nihon Keizai Shinbun Award

Kokuyuukakewakezouganbachi (Ruriko Inoue), Fukuoka Prefecture

With the motive of folding fans dancing in the wind, I produced with the nostalgic thought of peace.

I shaped at the potter`s wheel and painted with the inlaying method.

Yomiuri Shinbun Award

Shironomori (Yasushi Inoue), Fukuoka Prefecture

I put into shape the energy of a rich forest that raises life.

International Relations Association of the Porcelain City of Arita Award

Guglia (Leonardo Bartolini), Kumamoto Prefecture


The shape of the piece of art is inspired by the original vestiges that possess a mysterious aura like the dolmen and menhir remaining in the ancient megalith ruins such as Stonehenge. Also, the orange and black decorations on the surface are made with the terrasigillata method that began in Italy and Greece in the pre-era. Terrasigillata is a type of ceramic from Greece and Italy in which a liquid that is extracted from a supernatant fluid finer than water particles in earth is applied as coating on the shaped and dried piece of ceramic which is then fired. This is another thing that I manifested my childish heart in.



117th Arita International Ceramics Competition Art Crafts and Objects Division Examination Review


April 7th, 2021

Yasuyuki Ishizaki (Chief Examiner)


 First of all, I would like to offer my hearty congratulations that the 117th Arita International Ceramics Competition that had to be cancelled last year as a measure against the Coronavirus that has started spreading worldwide since the end of 2019, is held this year.


 The examination of the Art Crafts and Objects Division was held for 102 entries (a slight decline in numbers compared to the 109 entries two years ago) out of which 70 pieces of art were selected. During the examination, the three judges first each chose 30 pieces of art and afterwards made their decision based on mutual consultation and scrutinized investigation. All of the selected pieces of art share a high degree of completion so we conducted a second examination that left 21 pieces of art as potential winning pieces. Upon further consultation, we selected 15 pieces of art that were especially surpassing in terms of artistic character as the winning pieces.

 The winner of the first prize (MEXT Award) “Hakujihachi” by Seigo Nakamura is a piece of art that surely lets you understand the technical finesse and power of expression of the creator. It was chosen for the strong and comfortable build-up of kaolin that beautifully blends together with the scrupulous molding, giving an overwhelming impact regarding its sense of presence.

 The winner of the Governor of Saga Prefecture Award “Ryokusaisenmonhenko” by Yodomu Yamaguchi posses a visible effect through the connection of the graceful curved surface that one could say is particular to the molding of earth and the simple yet chic pattern applied to it that makes the shape contain a truly rich feeling.

 The winner of the Mayor of Arita Town Award “Shoui” by Ichiyou Sawada puts the sincere thoughts towards disaster and social insecurity together with the sense of rustic simplicity expressed through the disposition that makes use of the quality of the materials, turning them into a single prayer.

 One of the topics of the examination this time is the fact that different members from the same family each received a prize. This was of course a coincidence within the examination results but the artists behind the winner of the Mayor of Arita Town Award Mrs. Sawada and the International Relations Association of the Porcelain City of Arita Award winner (Guglia) Leonardo Bartolini are a married couple and so are the artists behind the Nishi Nippon Shinbun Award (Kakiotoshikanshakuyakumonkaki) Mrs. Kiku Inoue and Yomiuri Shinbun Award (Shironomori) Mr. Yasushi Inoue. Also, the winner of the Nihon Keizai Shinbun Award (Kokuyuukakewakezouganbachi “Mai”) Mrs. Inoue Ruriko is the mother of Mr. Yasushi Inoue. The daily mutual encouragement in a close working environment can be pictured.

By the way, artistic molding is an act of creation in which the quality of the material is processed into a visible domain of expression using technical finesse. Therefore it is important that first of all, the creators themselves develop some close mutual sympathy with the material and perceive its quality in a well manner. Within this act, the potential of expression through the creator should naturally rise.

 I hope that many outstanding pieces of art with a high level of completion will be submitted next time as well.




117th Arita International Ceramics CompetitionArt Crafts and Objects Division





Chief Examiner

Yasuyuki Ishizaki

Vice director at Yamaguchi Prefectural Hagi Uragami Museum


Tokuo Kawai

Nitten Special Examiner; Director of the Japan Shinkougei Association


Shinnou Iwao

Director Japan Kougei Association



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